Real Wedding: Sherry and Tim

Last summer, we had the joy of hosting Sherry and Tim’s wedding here at the Black Horse Inn. We caught up with Sherry to find out more about the couple and their wedding day.

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How did you meet? 

We both worked for Concurrent Technologies Corporation at the time.  I had a strict policy of not dating anyone I work with and Tim was very persistent!

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When did you get engaged? 

We were having a candlelit dinner on the beach in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, on December 25, 2010, when Tim popped the question.  He completely took me by surprise.  I never expected him to ask, since we had just bought our first home together.

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What is your best advice to other couples for planning a wedding? 

First, never argue with your clothes on.  Second, if you are with the right person, everything will literally fall into place.

Tim and I worked as a team in planning our entire wedding.  Do not let others try and tell you how your wedding should be, it is YOUR DAY, so plan it your way!  We planned it our way and in my eyes, it was the most beautiful wedding in the world!

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What did you most enjoy about your own wedding? 

The whole day was absolutely perfect!  Everything ran so smoothly and I do not believe we had one hang-up at all.

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If anything stands out, it would be the scenery of the Black Horse.  Our photographer was able to capture such beauty in our pictures that it leaves you breathless just looking at them.

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Where did you go on honeymoon? 

We went to Waikiki, Hawaii, another surprise by the groom.  He kept our destination a secret for over a year!  He did not tell a soul either!

His secret was blown away at the airport though, when the man taking our luggage asked if he got us good seats for the flight to Honolulu and then followed it up with Aloha!  Secret destination blown at this point!

Keep scrolling to see more of Tim and Sherry’s beautiful wedding day. To find out more about the Black Horse Inn, or to book your own Black Horse Inn wedding, get in touch today.

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