Romance Themed Weddings

Every wedding is full of romance in one way or another, but romance can be a great wedding theme. It’s a theme that can work perfectly here at the Black Horse Inn, too!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, here are a few ways that romance can be used as a wedding theme.


  • Flowers and candles. What says romance better than a bit of mood lighting and plenty of red roses? They’re the perfect setting for a Valentine’s Day date, and perfect for a romantic wedding.
  • Luxurious fabrics. Romance can be a very tactile theme, so consider adding touches of velvet, silk, and other soft fabrics. A fur (or faux fur) jacket can add a romantic edge to your wedding dress, too.
  • Rich foods. Your romance theme can be completed with the menu. Small portions of decadent foods, such as truffles, can be a great way of bringing romance to your meal.

Romance can come in many forms, though. Whatever your take on romance, we’re happy to help you plan your romance theme wedding here at the Black Horse Inn, so get in touch today!


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