Just for you

A lot of wedding vendors are seeing a boom in a very special type of wedding trend — fantastic big weddings being thrown with only the bride and groom in attendance.


Of course, this doesn’t mean the guests aren’t showing. It means they aren’t invited in the first place.

The “just us” weddings, as they’re being called, are a way of escaping some of the more common wedding headaches. No special menu items are needed for your fiance’s vegan niece or your diabetic great-grandmother. And nobody will complain about being sat at the singles table.

What it doesn’t include is skimping. Brides are still wearing their dream dress, and couples are still having a great cake. A photographer is there to document it all, too. Many couples are still opting for a big budget day, but they get everything they’re spending the budget on for themselves.

The reasons for choosing these weddings, which aren’t quite the same as elopements, do vary. Whether it’s a family drama, or just wanting the day to be focused on the romance of the couple themselves, it can be the perfect choice for some couples.

What do you think about the “just us” wedding? Would you throw one or are you looking forward to having everyone around?

Let us know in the comments, and if you want to discuss having your wedding at the Black Horse Inn, get in touch!


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