Getting games into your wedding

Whether you’re Monopoly mad or Scrabble silly, including board games in your wedding can be a great bit of fun. They’re the perfect interactive element, but can also be ideal touches for your décor.


Scrabble is hugely popular at the moment, and many couples are finding that the game’s classic wooden letter tiles are ideal for signage, place cards, and even cake toppers. They’re a way of creating easy to read words with a nice edge of fun. Consider giving each table a board, too, and encouraging them to see who can come up with the best score.

Monopoly is recognizable worldwide, and you can get vintage boards at bargain prices. The playing pieces can be used to identify tables. The houses and hotels can be used as a way to encourage guests to give monetary gifts towards a down payment on a house, or your honeymoon, too.

Even giving each table a pack of cards can be a great way to get people loosened up. Include instructions for a few simple games and get your guests mingling in a different way. The Black Horse Inn is perfect for games!

What’s your favorite game? Are you including it in your wedding day? Tell us about it in the comments!


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