How to Address the Issue of Seating Arrangements at a Wedding

Tradition tells us that the grooms family sit on one side of the room and brides on the other. While some couples prefer to keep their families separated during the ceremony, it’s not a requirement. If one family is much bigger than the other, it might not feel right to keep them on different sides of the aisle. If many of the guests are friends of both bride and groom, they might not know which side to opt for.

A growing trend is to tell guests to “pick a seat, not a side.” This lets your guests know that they should mingle.

Even if you don’t want assigned sides at your wedding, be sure to keep the first few rows reserved for members of the wedding party who will need to be seated during the ceremony.

I hope this helps you, but if you need any more advice about planning your ceremony, get in touch with us.


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