Upcoming 2013 Wedding Trends for Northern Virginia

We’ve been looking at the upcoming wedding trends for 2013, and I perceive that there will be some pretty amazing weddings in 2013. We love everything couples bring to the Black Horse Inn for their weddings, and it’s always exciting to see how our venue is used.

Among the things pegged “2013 Top Wedding Trend”, are:

  • The lounge room. The idea?   Add a special space away from the dance floor for people to relax and enjoy a drink and conversation. We love the idea of having a second room for the reception, and so much of the Inn is perfect for this.
  • Another trend that seems made for the Black Horse Inn is the vintage style. Vintage has been big for a while now, and it’s only going to be get bigger. Vintage looks great at the Inn, and any amount of classic styling fits well in our 19th century mansion.

If you want to know more about how the Black Horse Inn can set off your favorite wedding trends, contact us for a personalized tour.


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