Danielle and John’s Elegant Fall Wedding

We were so happy to host the wedding of Danielle and John on October 22 at the Black Horse Inn!  Danielle and John met at a family dinner and, from then on, the two became inseparable.  Danielle is a violinist and violin instructor, while John works as a pediatrician with the US Army.


The theme for the wedding was elegance to the extreme and it took us two days to prepare and arrange the decorations to perfection.  There were some fantastic unique features, including tea and lemonade stands, a delicious candy bar and fabulous fall displays of gourds, pumpkins, apples and seasonal flowers.  The outdoor marquee looked stunning in white, with white tables and chairs, simple check linen and contrasting yellow blooms.


However, that all paled in comparison to the happy couple, who looked beautiful in their wedding outfits.  When we asked them what they has enjoyed most about their wedding day, Danielle and John said that it was impossible to choose and that they had loved every minute!  They would advise other couples to give themselves plenty of time so that they bring their own personalities to their big day.  According to them, personalized touches make the day feel extra special.

The couple are now honeymooning in Belize and we wish them every happiness for the future.


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