Create an Eco Friendly Wedding with These Tips

As a bride and groom, you want your wedding to reflect you and everything you believe in – and if you are avid environmentalists, you should definitely consider this for your Big Day.

How to create an eco-friendly wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Edible escort cards. If you want to avoid wasting too much paper, consider the option of having eco-friendly, edible escort cards. They can even double as your wedding favors – and you can use your creativity to create something really pretty.
  • Flowers in pots. You don’t have to use flowers that will just wither and die as soon as the wedding is over. In fact, using flowers in pots is a really pretty idea – they look fresh, they can really create a nice ambiance, and they can double as wedding favors. And even if you not all of your guests take one home, you can do this yourself and use them for the décor of your “newly married house”. It’s a win-win situation for everyone: nature, you, and your guests too!
  • Environmentally friendly flower basket. The same aforementioned principle can be used for the creation of the flower girl’s basket as well. If you don’t want her to just waste beautiful blooms as she walks down the aisle, you can just ask her to hold a basket with flowers planted in it. Not only will this look adorable, but it will be more than eco-friendly as well.
  • Wooden signs. Don’t use plastic for your wedding signs! Wood can look really pretty and it can provide your wedding with a very nice vibe. Work with your creativity to create wedding signs that really make the difference in terms of the ambiance created!
  • No plastic. If you are an eco-friendly couple, you know just how harmful plastic can be to the environment – so it is important to avoid it as much as possible. Avoid using plastic items in your wedding décor and for your wedding foods and drinks – believe it or not, everything can be replaced with friendlier alternatives, including the cocktail straws.


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These Tips Will Help You Stay Healthy before the Wedding

Health and a sincere smile are a bride’s most treasured accessories – and this is not something we’re simply tossing, it’s something we truly believe in.

There’s no point in not taking care of your health for the sake of a few minor wedding details. In the end, what is most important is that you feel great in your own skin and that you feel energized, happy, and genuinely good on your wedding day.

Therefore, your health and fitness should definitely be a priority, no matter how you look at this.

What are some of the tips that will definitely help you stay healthy before the wedding?

Read on and find out more.

  • The little swaps. Jumping into an ultra-healthy lifestyle right away may not be the best choice if you aren’t living that lifestyle now. Instead, opt for the baby steps, for the little swaps you can easily make to help your body stay fueled and nourished. For instance, you could replace pork and beef with more lean meat and saturated fats with unsaturated fats (such as those found in avocados, olive oil, and fatty fish).
  • The workouts. No, you don’t have to drag yourself into marathons to be healthy. Cardio exercise is very healthy, but it’s not the only type of workout that is, and if you don’t like running, it will be an ordeal for you (one you will want to quit as soon as wedding planning stress kicks in). Instead, choose a type (or better yet, a combination of types) of exercise that you truly enjoy: lifting weights, cycling, dancing, and so on.
  • The stress. Yes, wedding planning can be tremendously stressful – but you should not let it take over your life. If you feel things have gone too far and that you can get a much deserved good night’s sleep over the problems connected to your wedding day, just stop and think for a moment: is your health worth it? Take a break, go somewhere nice with your loved one, and simply relax. It can do wonders for your health, for your mental state, and even for your wedding planning, as you will return with a fresh perspective!


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These Are Some of the Best Edible Favor Ideas for a Wedding


Let’s face it: people rarely love fridge magnets with your wedding monogram or engagement photo on them. While wedding favors are not even by far mandatory, offering them is a simple, nice gesture of gratitude – and if you decide to offer them you also want to make sure they will appreciate it.

Edible wedding favors are one of the best categories in this segment – but what are some of the very best food favors for a wedding?

We have some tips, so read on if you are looking for some inspiration for your Virginia wedding.

  • Nuts and seeds. Pick your favorite type of nut, or create a mixture of them, roast them and spice them up in a unique way, then place them in simple brown bags. Add a cute message to your bags and offer them to your guests as wedding favors – they will absolutely LOVE this treat later on in the evening, when they will be looking for a kick of energy.
  • This might seem like an odd favor, but most people actually enjoy pickles, especially when they are made after a good recipe. Place your pickles in a jar, tie it up nicely, and add a nice wedding-related message to it. Guests will definitely appreciate this delicious hangover fix the next day!
  • Little fruit baskets. This is the ultimate summer wedding favor – fill cute baskets with your favorite fruit mix and offer these to your guests. They will definitely want to indulge in this sweet (and healthy!) treat the moment they see them!
  • Fancy coffee blends. Who doesn’t love good coffee? Bring your favorite coffee mix into little brown bags with a personalized message on them and offer them to your guests as wedding favors. They will absolutely love this treat!
  • Your cookie recipe. If you have a cookie recipe that’s been running in your family from one generation to another, be sure to include it in your wedding. This makes for the perfect wedding favor snack, especially given the sentimental touch behind it!


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Stunning Ideas for Your Bridesmaids’ Dresses

As the bride, you know the way your bridesmaids look is a reflection of both your sense of style and your thoughtfulness. So, naturally, you want them to look really amazing on the Big Day!

What are some of the most stunning ideas for your bridesmaids’ dresses, though?

Following, we have gathered some of the most inspiring bridesmaids’ dresses trends for you – so read on if you want to find out more about this.

  • Nude and pretty. Nude colors will never go out of fashion – and this year’s trends make no exception. Soft khaki and even moon shades make for excellent bridesmaids’ dresses for those of you looking for a light, timeless, low-key elegant touch for your super-ladies. They will definitely love the choice!
  • Ultra-soft pinks. Something else that never goes out of fashion with bridesmaids’ dresses? Pink. Every year, we see new and amazing reiterations of this lovely romantic color – and this year’s all about the very soft, very pale shades. In addition to that, dusty pink shades are also making a comeback – and that’s great news if you want to choose a color that will suit multiple skin tones.
  • Autumn berries. Planning your wedding later in the year? Berry-shaded bridesmaids’ dresses are a truly amazing choice! Not only do they suit autumn so well, but they come in a range generous enough to accommodate every bridesmaids’ taste. Even more, a berry theme for your bridesmaids’ dresses will allow you to create a fantastic mismatched effect that looks wonderful in the photos.
  • Tiffany blue. Need we say more? There’s nothing classier or more timeless than this special shade of blue. Soft and romantic, this color is about more than just chromatics: it’s about making a fashion statement in the fullest sense of the phrase. Tiffany blue works best with luxurious fabrics, such as taffeta, silk, or satin, and it looks amazing on posh dresses with simple and clean lines. Your bridesmaids are bound to love wearing this for your Big Day, precisely because it’s such an elegant choice!


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3 Ways to Show Your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen You Are Thankful for Their Help

Obviously, you and your future spouse are the main VIPs at your wedding – but aside from you, there are also many other people without whom the entire Big Day would be sadder, less joyous, and perhaps less memorable as well.

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are among these people – and we are more than certain that you want to show them just how thankful you are for all their support before and during the Big Day, as well as their endless patience, limitless smiles, and never-ending comforting hugs.

How to show your wedding party you truly appreciate what they have done for you?

Here are some tips:

  • Dress them well. Yes, they might have to pay for their own dresses and tuxedos – but you will most likely be the one who chooses their designs. Dress them well in every respect – pick cuts and fabrics and colors that are flattering for most people, and make it easy for your friends to wear these attires. It’s a matter of comfort, in the end – you wouldn’t feel great dressed in a gown that’s way too puffy for your small stature, for example. So why would your bridesmaids suffer this way?
  • Be kind. Wedding planning can get extremely stressful – and this is not meant to scare you out in any way, it’s just the pure and simple truth. When they embarked on the journey of being your wedding attendants, your bridesmaids and groomsmen more or less knew what they are getting themselves into – but that’s no reason to be unkind or unjust to them. Just like you, they are people – they have their lives, and maybe even their own families to spend time with. Don’t get mad at them for small things, and allow them to be as free as possible in terms of pre-wedding arrangements and commitments. It is, in many ways, the greatest sign of gratitude!
  • Offer them a gift. In general, wedding party gifts are offered at the rehearsal dinner – but it’s not an unbeatable rule, so feel free to do it whenever you feel more comfortable with it. Don’t skimp on this: treat your lovely ladies and kind gentlemen with something they will always enjoy – be it a small bracelet, a bottle of champagne, or a pair of cufflinks!


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These Wedding Reception Tips Are Very Important!

No matter what type of wedding you want, one thing is for certain: you want for it to be amazing.

Of course, you want your wedding ceremony to be magical, unforgettable, and romantic – but you want the same for your wedding reception too. You want a reception that makes everyone feel genuinely great and creates unforgettable memories!

How do you do that? What are some of the crucial tips that really contribute to the success of your reception?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Make people feel comfortable. We cannot emphasize how important this is! It comes before anything else, really – because if your guests are bugged by the heat or the cold, or if they are not sitting well, they will slowly start to ignore everything else. Not even the most spectacular décor, or the most amazing food can save a wedding from freezing cold or melting heat!
  • Don’t make people feel overwhelmed. We know you want to make everyone feel great, and thus, you might feel tempted to fit in as many reception elements as you can. However, you should allow guests time to breathe and enjoy the basics too – so, instead of cramming the timeline with lots of activities, stick to the basics and do those exemplary. People will be much happier this way!
  • Yes, the small details make a difference. The large details (such as your venue, your music, your food, your drinks, etc.) are, in some way, your canvas and media. It is the small details that make the biggest difference of all. The small knot on the cookie box you offer as wedding favor, the sweet color of the table linen, the song you play as you make your wedding exit – these are, indeed, small But they can build amazing moments and a memorable atmosphere!
  • Help guests break the ice. Small party games set at each table can help people break the ice and socialize more. Some examples include fun wedding themed crossword puzzles, wedding and love themed Mad Libs, and so on. Everyone loves these – and if you set up a contest to motivate people to play the game, it will all be even more entertaining!


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Looking for the Perfect Gift for Your Bridesmaids? Here Are Some Ideas!

You love your bridesmaids so much! Not only are they your partners in crime, but they are also the people who helped you plan the Big Day and supported you even when things got really stressful.

Of course, you want to show them your appreciation and offer them a really nice gift before the wedding – but what are some of the very best ideas when it comes to this?

We have some tips for you – so read on if you are looking for inspiration!

  • A gift set containing luxury skin care. Who doesn’t love to pamper their skin with a luxurious mask and moisturizer? We bet your lovely ladies will highly appreciate your gesture and that they will actually use the products you offer them. Don’t forget to personalize the packaging of these products to make the gift even more special!
  • A bottle of fancy Prosecco. We bet your ladies enjoy their glass of Prosecco every now and again, so why not pamper them with something really special in this direction? If you want to make your gift more personal, add customized labels to each bottle – we are more than certain your bridesmaids will absolutely love the gift!
  • A dainty necklace with their initial. Offering your ladies something they can wear on the Big Day and beyond that is a really nice way of thanking them for their friendship and help. Choose something universally elegant, yet personal and unique as well – dainty necklaces with your bridesmaids’ initials can be a really nice gift they will all appreciate.
  • A day at the spa. Planning the wedding has been stressful for you all – so why not surprise your super-ladies with a trip down at the spa? Pick a nice place, book some spots, and take your friends for a session of pampering and relaxation. Not only will this make them feel special, but it will also relax them before the Big Day, helping them shine with energy and beauty. Plus, this experience will create some pretty wonderful memories too!


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Lovely Wedding Entertainment Ideas for Your 2019 Wedding

As the host of your wedding day, you want everyone invited to have the time of their lives. Sure, music will flow, the drinks will be widely available, and the food will be a celebration in its own right – but is there anything else you can add to this event to make sure it’s as amazing as it can be?

We have some tips for you – so read on if you are looking for fun, unforgettable wedding entertainment ideas for your 2019 wedding.


  • A whiskey bar. If you want to give your wedding an extra-flair of elegance and luxuriousness, a cigar whiskey might be just the choice. Not only will this delight guests with drinks they don’t have every day, but it will also mark your wedding with a touch of classiness and uniqueness everyone will love (even those who do not adventure themselves into whiskey tasting!)
  • A painter. Have you ever considered hiring an actual painter to capture your wedding’s beauty? Of course, a photographer cannot be replaced – but hiring a painter will make your wedding classier, it will offer everyone a chance to be part of something really unique (a work of art), and it will leave you, the bride and groom with a superb memory you can actually hang on your living room wall from hereon.
  • A dove release. This is not a new idea, but it can be absolutely magical! Instead of tossing anything for the wedding ceremony exit, why not release a bunch of white turtles? Not only does this make for a truly wonderful moment, but it will also be caught in one of the single most romantic and beautiful pictures of your life too. Pure magic!
  • A string quarter. While a DJ might be excellent for the wedding reception, a string quartet can create a very special atmosphere during the actual wedding ceremony (before and after as well). Hire a team who knows how to deal with weddings, so that they play the most beautiful pieces and enchant you and your guests with soothing, romantic, timeless sounds.


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These Spring Wedding Ideas Are Gorgeous!

Can you feel spring floating in the air?

Here at Black Horse Inn, we can definitely sense it – and we know that a whole new full season of weddings is right around the corner.

Are you planning your own spring wedding in Virginia too?

We have some tips to help you make it amazing, so read on and find out more.

  • Get floral on the attires. If you don’t want to wear a floral patterned wedding dress, that’s OK (but it can totally be an option). How about lending this trend to your bridesmaids’ for their dresses, then? Floral gowns look fantastic, and if you want to make their attires all the more special, you can always opt for a pair of floral trousers and simple tops, or even floral jumpsuits. So stylish, so spring-worthy!
  • Infuse your cocktails. Spring is all about fragrance and flavor, so why not bring that into your wedding cocktails too? Edible flowers and herbs can make any cocktail feel more unique – which is precisely what you want from your signature drink during the Big day.
  • Get your cake drippin’. Drip cakes are all the rage this season – and we can see why. They look so inviting and delicious that it’s impossible to resist the temptation. At the same time, they can be made to look really elegant too – so, no matter what type of wedding you may want to plan, you can definitely find a drip cake to suit it.
  • Cover your bar in flowers. What better way to say “spring is here”, other than covering your entire bar in flowers and greenery? This is the kind of wedding décor that can really add to the entire ambiance and make everything feel unique and beautiful.
  • Strawberry motifs. Who doesn’t love strawberries? Late spring is when these little red beauties pop up everywhere, so you could definitely bring them into your wedding if your date falls around late April or May. And even if you don’t serve everything in your menu covered in strawberries, you can always bring in the motif on the napkins, on the décor, and on the day of stationery.


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These Brides Were Gorgeous in Their Day – Steal Inspiration from Them!

Every bride is special – but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a look at how other brides did it for their Big Day. On the contrary, stealing inspiration from other brides is a very good way to see what you like, what you don’t like, and then create your own wedding style based on that.

What are some of the most beautiful famous brides of all times, and what could you “borrow” from their looks?

We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Grace Kelly. Undoubtedly a trendsetter whose style transcends the decades, Grace Kelly was an astounding bride from every point of view. The long wedding veil that swept across the room, the lacy dress, the sweetheart illusion neckline – her dress was a dream come true (just as her own life was). Proof? Decades after her, Kate Middleton wore a more modern version of the same dress, making a statement about both her style and her life story.
  • Kate Moss. It takes courage to wear the kind of transparent dress Kate Moss wore on her wedding day – but she did it so well that she inspired generations of brides to follow in her footsteps. The delicate design, the tasteful embellishments, the otherwise simple and sophisticated cut, and design – everything about her dress was stunning in a very unique way.
  • Sophia Vergara. Not sure if you want to wear a big ballgown dress or want to keep it simpler with a sexy body hugging gown? Well, Sophia Vergara did it perfectly: she wore a gown with a detachable dress. She was the amazing princess walking down the aisle for the ceremony, and then she was an amazing goddess for the reception. Perfect combination!
  • Audrey Hepburn. When it comes to proving that less is more, Audrey did it very well in her day to day life and on her wedding day too. Her high neck gown is such a fashion statement that it survives the decades as one of the most unique wedding dresses in the world of Hollywood – and for all the good reasons. Steal inspiration from her if you want to look classy and original at the same time!


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