Spring Wedding Photo Trends

Spring is here and this means that it is the beginning of a full wedding season. If you plan on having a spring wedding, make sure you capture this beautiful moment in your life with a stylish and beautiful spring wedding photo album. What are the trends out there and which are the types of photos you should definitely not forget to include in your album? Read on and find out more.

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  • Spring is all about flowers in full bloom – so make sure to talk to your photographer about including some photos of your flower arrangements, centerpieces and bouquets. This year, wild flowers are very popular and they make for wonderful arrangements and bouquets for weddings – so you might want to take them into consideration for your Big Day too.
  • A photo of you and your spouse out in the middle of nature. Take advantage of the stunning “backdrop” nature has created for you and shoot some photos outside. Talk to your photographer about having your couple’s portrait photos set on the outdoors. For example, you could shoot a photo with you and your spouse on a blanket, in the middle of the green meadows, kissing.
  • Also, if it happens to rain on your wedding day, don’t despair. Turn this situation to your advantage by shooting some romantic photos out in the rain. A stylish umbrella to go with your wedding colors and a kiss is all you need for a fantastic “rainy day” photo to include in your album!
  • Don’t forget to ask your photographer to include some photos of your wedding party too. If you want to capture the great wave of positive energy that comes with the season, make sure the photo is youthful, energetic and full of optimism. There are thousands of ways you can do this – and all you need is a bit of creativity and a good photographer!

Black Horse Inn looks absolutely marvelous in the spring! Come visit us and see for yourself how our venue will make for the perfect spring wedding location. Our historical site and the amazing natural beauties surrounding it will surely complement your wedding photo album!


5 of the hottest wedding flower trends for 2015

Flowers are an important part in any wedding – regardless of whether you plan to have a very elegant one or a rustic/DIY one. 2015 has been here for almost 3 months now – but we have already seen how the latest wedding flower trends started to “bloom” right in front of our eyes. What are the trends to take inspiration from for your 2015 wedding? Read on and find out more.

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  1. Full bloom and opulence. If you want a very luxurious wedding, choose flowers that are in full bloom and that come in creamy pastel colors. Make sure you create opulent bouquets for your centerpieces and that no stems are showing!
  2. As hinted above, creamy pastel colors are a huge “hit” in 2015 – and you will definitely love them too. Especially with the spring around the corner, incorporating pastel-colored flowers into your wedding will be an amazing idea
  3. Flower crowns. You don’t have to use flowers just for the bouquets and centerpieces – you can wear them too! Ask your florist to create a beautiful flower crown to match your wedding décor and your dress and you will look absolutely splendid!
  4. Wild flowers. If you don’t want to have a very elegant wedding, you can always go for wild flower bouquets and centerpieces. Blowsy roses, ferns, foxgloves, garden roses, tulips and sweet peas make for amazing arrangements and they will add that wonderful “rustic-chic” appeal everyone’s in love with these days.
  5. Simple elegance. You don’t have to have flower arrangements composed out of many types of flowers and colors. This year, simplicity is as trendy as opulence! Ask your florist to create simple bouquets out of white roses and calla lilies and they definitely will add a gorgeous, elegant appeal to your wedding.

Black Horse Inn is more than excited by the stunning wedding trends of 2015 – and we are more than certain you are too! Come visit us and see how well our venue fits into these trends! You will not regret choosing us!


2015 Spring wedding ideas

Spring is just a few weeks away – and together with it, we are all eagerly awaiting for a brand new wedding season too! If you plan on having a spring wedding too, make sure you check out with the following ideas because we have gathered the best the beginning of 2015 has to offer in terms of weddings! Read on and get inspired!


  • Beautiful colors. Spring is all about color, revival and positive energy – so it is definitely a great idea to bring all those beautiful ideas into your wedding too. Mustard yellow, tangerine yellow, Lucite green, strawberry ice and Masala – these are some of the most popular wedding colors for 2015 and they will look absolutely amazing on the blooming “backdrop” provided by spring!
  • Your gown. If you want to stick to tradition, having a white wedding dress is more than fine – but if you want to add at least a bit of “blush” on your wedding gown, you should definitely go for it! This year, designers have “splashed” their wedding dress designs with wonderful colors (including, but not limited to blush pink and even black). Edgy, non-conventional and absolutely fabulous, these gowns are a true fashion statement for every bride out there!
  • Just a touch of “vintage”. You don’t have to plan a wedding that is “entirely” vintage – but adding a “touch” of the vintage style is a great idea. You could have a dress inspired by the vintage fashion or you could simply add small details that are related to this theme. Your wedding will instantly “pop” as full of personality, grace and elegance!

If you want to have a magic spring wedding, don’t forget to check out with Black Horse Inn’s offer. Our beautiful venue, the amazing surroundings and our experience in hosting unforgettable weddings will definitely contribute a lot!

10 Awesome Wedding Ideas

Weddings don’t have to be as traditional and formal as you think. In fact, nowadays almost everything is “allowed” – of course, as long as it makes you feel good too. If you want your wedding to be absolutely awesome, take a look at the following ideas and get the inspiration you need!


  1. A box instead of a ring bearer’s pillow. Save money and go DIY for your ring bearer’s pillow. A simple box, some painting/decoration work and some creativity will make your alternative ring bearer’s “pillow” look absolutely stunning regardless of what your wedding theme may be!
  2. A guest box. Instead of the traditional guest book, ask your guests to shoot a video of what they would have written in the guest book. Provide them with a “box” (similar to a photo booth) where they can “hide” away from the other guests to tell you about their kind wishes.
  3. Don’t dress in white. The white wedding dress tradition is not an absolute “must-follow” and if you want to, you can dress in whatever color you want. After all this is YOUR wedding and YOU should feel great about everything – including what you wear.
  4. In fact, you don’t even have to get an actual dress. A suit, a nice skirt and a blouse or even a pair of overalls can be just as perfect as you want them to be for this big day in your life. The golden rule here is the following: if it makes you feel good, go for it.
  5. A fun cake. The greatest thing about cakes (aside from their deliciousness, of course) is that they can be customized to fit who you From fun cake toppers to unique designs, there’s a myriad of options when it comes to wedding cakes – so make sure you settle for that which truly reflects your personality and style.
  6. Ask your guests to use flip cams to “tape” your wedding and then edit it to create a stunning wedding video. Not only will you save a lot of money this way, but you will also provide your guests with something really fun to do during the wedding.
  7. Take fun pictures. Of course, there are certain photos you should definitely take at your wedding (such as the bridal portrait, the kiss or the farewell moment, for example). However, make sure you shoot some fun pictures as well. Some ideas include fun photos of the groom and his groomsmen, trash the dress photos and playful photos of you and your groom as well.
  8. Have a crazy pre-wedding event for your wedding party and you. Go swim, have a barbecue or have fun out in the wild with your friends. It will blow off some of the “steam” caused by the wedding planning stress and it will be a great way to help your wedding party members get to know each other too.
  9. Bring your pets to your wedding. This is an important day in your life and you will want everyone who cares about you to be there to celebrate. Why shouldn’t this include your pets too!
  10. Hire a food truck or an ice cream truck. Of course, weddings are formal events, but who said your guests are not allowed to have a delicious ice cream right from the truck?

Black Horse Inn can host your wedding in the most amazing ways possible. Located in the middle of nature and surrounded by history, beauty and grace, we are a wedding venue that truly cares about its couples’ happiness. Come visit us and take a look around – there’s no way in the world not to love what we have prepared for you!

5 Hottest Wedding Trends

Wedding trends are permanently changing – and that’s actually good news for you if you are a bride-to-be precisely because you can find a lot of ways to inspire yourself in creating the perfect wedding day. What are the hottest wedding trends right now and how can you incorporate them into your own wedding? Read on and find out more.

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  1. Vintage-themed weddings. You don’t have to live in the 20s to get a wedding themed around Great Gatsby and you don’t have to be a Victorian bride to look like one. These days, vintage-themed weddings are huge in the wedding industry – and truly, you have every reason to love them too. Regardless of whether you want to go full vintage or if you want to simply “touch” your wedding with vintage accents, there’s a myriad of ideas you can use to create a wedding inspired by the “good, old classics”.
  2. Rustic-themed weddings. There’s something incredibly charming about a rustic-themed wedding that made a lot of brides in 2014 (and at the beginning of 2014) settle for the simple, “barn-like” décor. The good news is that rustic weddings can be elegant and they can also be a tad inspired by vintage décor too – so you can really allow yourself to be creative with them.
  3. Regardless of the theme you choose, make sure you make it big. Luxurious strings of lights and crystals , statement chandeliers, oversized centerpieces, sparklers – they are all the hype these days so you might want to include them in your wedding too.
  4. Pale colors. Forget about bright fuchsia and tangerine orange because the beginning of 2015 is all about colors that fade into white. From really pale pinks to graceful creams, there’s a huge variety of pale/pastel colors to choose from – and they will look wonderful when paired with your winter/spring wedding for sure!
  5. Off-the-shoulder wedding gowns. Although it can be said that it has been a while since these were really popular, this season’s runaways have been “flooded” by magnificent, feminine and really elegant off-the-shoulder wedding gowns. Take a look into this trend and see if it fits you as well because it will definitely be huge in 2015!

If you want a wedding that is both trendy and classic at the same time, don’t forget to pay Black Horse Inn a visit. The timeless elegance of our venue will definitely win your heart!


10 Creative Table Names Ideas

Although table names would generally be considered to be the kind of small detail that doesn’t bear a very important role in the wedding, the truth may be different. In fact, table names can help you get rid of that sense of hierarchy table numbers give and it can help you make all guests feel equally important for you as the hosts of this reception. Furthermore, table names can contribute a lot to your wedding theme too – so there’s absolutely no reason not to use them. To help you out, we have gathered 10 creative table names ideas to inspire you, so make sure to read on and find out more.

Bride and Groom Chairs and Ballroom

  1. Names of places you like. You can either choose actual places around the city where you live (parks, museums, attractions, etc.) or you can choose city names you like or that are related to your relationship too.
  2. Names of movies you like. For a vintage-themed wedding, you can choose the names of those vintage movies you both enjoy. For a Hollywood-themed wedding, you can simply use movies you have watched and enjoyed too. Also, you can use the actual movie poster or an image related to each movie for the table name card as well.
  3. Transportation maps of every big city in the world (Paris, London, Rome, New York, Los Angeles and so on). If you are people who like to travel, this would make a lot of sense and it could complement your wedding with a personal touch everyone will appreciate.
  4. Features of your honeymoon destination. For instance, if you plan on traveling to an exotic beach destination, you could use names and images of palm trees to name your tables. Also, if you plan on traveling to Europe, you could use attractions there as your table names as well.
  5. Names of sports or famous sportsmen can work amazingly for table names and they can give that “groom’s touch” that reveals just how well-balanced your relationship is.
  6. Local natural attractions. If you want a rustic wedding and if you want to show just how pride you are of the local natural beauties, you can definitely use their pictures/names to replace the traditional table numbers.
  7. Features of the season you are in. For instance, if you plan on having a spring wedding, you could make a list of all the things that are very much connected to spring (blossom trees, Easter, and so on) and you could use these as your table names.
  8. Disney princesses/fairy tales. If you want a wedding inspired by the beautiful Disney fairy tales, this is one of the best ways to incorporate this theme into your reception.
  9. Names of bands, songs, albums and instruments can provide you with great inspiration for your wedding table names, so don’t be afraid to get creative about it –especially if you are both the kind who enjoy listening to (or even playing) music.
  10. Personal touchy photographs. If you want to add a sentimental touch to your wedding, this is the perfect way to do it. Photos of your parents getting married, of you turning 18 or graduating, the first photo you have taken with your fiancé – all these moments are beautiful and emotional and photos of them can make for great table names.

For a wedding as unique and beautiful as your own love story, come visit Black Horse Inn. Our historical venue and the stunning natural setting surrounding it will definitely make for an unforgettable wedding day!

Strawberries and Chocolate – Wedding Favors Ideas

Wedding favors come in many shapes and colors – but the truth is that edible favors will always be among the most popular ones. If you want your wedding to be special for everyone and if you want your guests to genuinely enjoy their wedding favors, why not settle for one of the following strawberries and chocolate ideas? Romantic, sweet and full of flavor, these favors will steal everyone’s hearts away!

Desserts for sale at Cooper's Hawk.  I like the endless field of yummy.

  • White and black chocolate-covered strawberries. Offer each of your guests a “pair” of strawberries covered in white and black chocolate and decorated as the “bride” and “groom”. This is a really cute and delicious treat everybody at your wedding will enjoy!
  • Chocolate-covered strawberry shots. Cover your strawberries in chocolate and fill them in with vanilla vodka shots. Serve them to your wedding guests as such or pack them nicely for a wedding favor they will not forget very soon!
  • Strawberry and chocolate cupcakes. If you want your wedding favors to be a bit more complex than simple chocolate-covered strawberries, go for cupcakes. The greatest thing about these little desserts is that they can be customized anyway you like – so don’t be afraid to use your creativity when incorporating delicious strawberries and chocolate in your wedding favor cupcakes.
  • Strawberry macaroons with chocolate filling. For an even fancier sweet wedding favor, talk to your pastry chef about the option of creating some delicious strawberry macaroons filled with chocolate. Pack them in nicely decorated bags and your guests will love them so much they will definitely ask for the recipe!

Black Horse Inn could be your ideal venue for the Big Day. Located in a historic area and surrounded by the stunning beauty of Mother Nature, our wedding venue truly makes for weddings that are simply unforgettable!

How to choose a wedding color you will love forever

Every single wedding-related decision can feel like a true maze you can’t get out of – and even more so when you don’t even know where to start. Choosing a wedding color is probably one of the most difficult wedding decisions you have to make – but it is definitely a necessary one, especially considering the fact that it will influence the entire décor.


How do you do it? How do you choose a wedding color – and make sure you will love it years from now as well? Here are some tips to help you out:

  • What is the atmosphere you want to create at the wedding? For example, pastels tend to be romantic, gentle and peaceful and bright colors tend to be bolder, more daring and livelier as well. Also, cold colors (such as blue or green) create a sense of relaxation, while warm colors (such as yellow or red) are more energetic and passionate.
  • Think of the season and wedding theme because they will inspire you. In general, you will not see many weddings created around crude green when it’s autumn outside – and you will not see red-deep green-white combinations in the middle of August either. The season and the wedding theme can really help you narrow down the list of possibilities.
  • Wedding trends are fine, but make sure you don’t guide yourself exclusively by them. No wedding trendsetter will ever be able to tell you what you want for your own wedding. Choose those trends that truly fit you and only do it once you have a broad idea of what kind of colors you are looking for.
  • Take the venue into consideration. Most of the venues are designed to be quite versatile, but make sure you do take a closer look at your chosen venue and see if your ideal wedding color fits there.

For instance, here at Black Horse Inn, we know just how important it can be for every bride to feel like her wedding is truly personal. For this reason, we have created a venue able to go well with many colors and themes – so that you can truly have the wedding you have always dreamed of!


Should I Have A Wedding Dinner?

Of all the things that make for wonderful weddings, food is not the least important one  – not even by far. In fact, most of the brides and grooms will consider food to be one of the key components of their weddings and they will pay a lot of attention to how they choose it.


If you haven’t decided on your wedding food yet, one of the main questions you might be asking yourself is whether or not you should have a wedding dinner. A full-course dinner comes both with advantages and disadvantages and you should consider both of them when deciding on something. Read on and find out more about the main ideas to take into consideration when choosing your wedding food:

  • Will your wedding be a very formal one? Or will it be a more casual event? If you decide on the first option, a full-course dinner will be more appropriate.
  • How much can you afford to spend on your wedding food? In general, wedding dinners are more expensive than serving hors d’oeuvres. However, keep in mind that this depends A LOT on what exactly you are serving. If you plan on serving your guests with rare, exquisite foods, even hors d’oeuvres can end up costing a lot.
  • If you have decided that a wedding dinner is more suitable for your Big Day, think of whether you would like it to be a buffet dinner or a sit-down meal where guests are served by waiters. The first option might be less expensive, but the latter will definitely be the most elegant thing you can choose.

Regardless of the type of food you choose to serve, don’t forget to take Black Horse Inn into consideration. Our beautiful venue is versatile and romantic – and it will definitely make for an unforgettable wedding day!


Things NOT to Do After Your Engagement

The moment you say “Yes” is also the very first step you make towards wedding planning. However, keep in mind the fact that not everything has to be done right after the engagement proper. What are the things you should not do after your engagement? Here are some of the most important ones:

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Choosing your bridesmaids. There’s no rush when it comes to choosing your attendants. You don’t have to do it right away. Take your time, consider the options and make sure you make this moment as special as possible.

  • You should really avoid moving house any time between the engagement and the wedding. Specialists consider that moving and getting married are among life’s most stressful events. You definitely don’t want to make a “cocktail” of these two!
  • Doing anything that will change your schedule a lot. This is definitely not the right time for a career change and not the right time to buy a puppy either. Avoid anything that will change your usual schedule because, as you might expect it, your wedding planning will take quite a lot of your spare time as it is.
  • Over-spending. We know it feels very tempting to “treat” your anxiety with a new pair of designer shoes or with a very expensive trip to Paris, but save these for the “after-wedding” period. Your Big Day will probably come with a lot of expenses and you should really try to save as much money as you can.
  • Worrying too much. We know planning a wedding can be stressful (and downright confusing at times), but try not to stress out too much. It is of the utmost importance that you keep your clear thinking if you want this event to turn out exactly as planned.

Also, don’t forget not to postpone choosing a venue. Once you have a draft of your wedding guest list, make sure you go out and “hunt” for the perfect location. Here at Black Horse Inn, we can provide you with a wonderful venue surrounded by stunning landscape. Come visit us and see for yourself!