Does Wine and Meal Pairings Have You Frustrated? Don’t Worry We Got You!

You want your wedding to be an exquisite experience for each and every single one of your guests. You want this to be a truly memorable day – and while the music, the ambiance and the beauty of your love story are all obviously important, the absolute truth is that your food and your drinks are essential to the success of your wedding day.

How to pair the perfect wine with your delicious meals? We have gathered some of the basic tips you should know about this – so read on and find out more.

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  • Sweet dishes. When you serve sweet dishes or desserts, the wine should be at least as sweet as the dish in front of you. The reason this makes sense is quite simple: if the wine is more acidic than the dish, it will feel too sour and completely inadequate. Therefore, it is generally recommended that you serve a wine that’s higher in sweetness than the dessert or sweet dish on the menu.
  • Salty dishes. The best wine to serve with salty dishes is a very crisp one (such as a Pinot Grigio, for example). This wine will be amazing when combined with salty food because the salt will reduce the acidity in the wine and it will also enrich its body.
  • Acidic dishes. If you plan on serving something acidic, it is definitely recommended that your wine is highly acidic too. Otherwise, the wine may feel too flat and flabby and it may not provide your guests with the perfect wine-food combination.

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Why Book Black Horse Inn as Your Wedding Venue?

There’s nothing we love more than weddings. Exciting and emotional, unique and sentimental, but more than anything, always full of passion, love and hope, weddings are our favorite events here at Black Horse Inn.

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We’re genuinely in love with our couples and we always offer the very best – so that they can have their dream weddings right here, under our roofs. Why book Black Horse Inn as your wedding venue too? We have gathered some reasons you should consider – so read on to find out more.

  • There’s an entire historical mansion at your disposal. Nothing compares to the romantic vibes of an old building with beautiful architecture to follow you every step of the Big Day. We guarantee it: once you see our venue, you will never think of any other option.
  • All-inclusive packages are at your disposal too. If you are worried that wedding planning is going to be stressful, worry no more! Here at Black Horse Inn, we have created packages meant to make everything run extremely smooth both before and during the Big Day. Not only will we provide you with a superb ballroom for your reception and your choice of gardens and terraces for the ceremony, but we can also provide you with excellent wedding planning and day-of coordination services too!
  • We will make it easy for your guests too. Although surrounded by gorgeous natural landscapes, our mansion is located just 45 minutes outside of Washington and 35 minutes away from the Dulles airport. This will make it easy for your guests to reach your venue – and celebrate with you not for a few hours, but for an entire weekend!

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Save the First Few Rows at the Ceremony for Family

Your wedding ceremony is a very important moment in your life – and in the life of your family as well. Therefore, you will definitely want them to take the first few seats for the big moment. How do you do that, though? How to save the first few rows at the ceremony for family and make sure other guests don’t sit there? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

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  • First and foremost, let’s make this clear: you do not need to place “Reserved” signs on each of the seats. Not only would this be costly, but it could come out as impolite and almost aggressive as well – and that’s the last thing you want for your wedding ceremony.
  • Instead, have a few ushers guide the guests towards the assigned seats. Tell your ushers which are the seats you want to reserve for the family and ask them to guide the family members there, while guiding the other guests on the other seats.
  • If you want to block the aisle, consider using the same ribbon to block the first few rows for the family as well. This way, your ushers can simply take off the ribbon when family members want to take a seat and place it back, so that other guests seat behind the family.
  • Last, but not least, if you really like the idea of having “Reserved” signs, you only need as many of them as the number of rows you want to reserve. Simply place them on either of the ends of the rows and ask your ushers to guide guests if they are confused.

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5 Beautiful Ways to Remember a Deceased Parent at Your Wedding

We don’t like to think of this – but death is an integral part of life. And while our dear ones may not be physically there for the important moments in our lives, they will surely be there in our memory, in our thoughts and, ultimately, in our very hearts. How to remember a deceased parent at your wedding, though? We have gathered some ideas to inspire you in creating a beautiful homage to your beloved parent – so read on to find out more.

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  • A father-daughter collage. If your dad cannot be there for your father-daughter dance, create a beautiful slideshow with your favorite photos of him and play the song you would have wanted for this special dance. It will make for an incredibly emotional moment!
  • Your mother’s wedding dress. If your mom cannot be there for the Big Day, wear her wedding dress. She would feel so proud to see you walking down the aisle wearing the same dress as she did when she was in your place!
  • Your parents’ wedding photos. Your parents’ love story is amazingly inspiring and beautiful – so why not bring homage to them (and their story) by displaying their photos at your wedding? It will look really beautiful!
  • Embroidered details. If your mother or your father had a clothing item they really loved, cut a small patch off it and sew it on your wedding gown (either underneath it or in plain sight). This way, a piece of your beloved parent will be there with you as you spell out the big “I Do”.
  • Leave a seat for them at the ceremony. Your parent may not be able to be there for you at the ceremony, but you can remember them by leaving a seat empty, with their favorite flower on it.

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5 Things Guests Go Bananas for at Weddings


Your wedding may be all about yourself and your great love story – but beyond anything, it is about sharing this great moment with the people who are dear to you. Therefore, it only comes as a natural wish to make sure all of your guests have a good time at your wedding.


What are some of the most popular things wedding guests love these days? We have gathered 5 of them right below – so read on and find out more.Black Horse Inn Best Pictures 010

  • Late-night snacks. Yes, they are not healthy – but they can be so indulgent and good for the soul! Provide your guests with some classic late-night snacks with a twist – such as mini-burgers, spoons filled with comforting mac and cheese or delicious slices of cheesy pizza.
  • Dessert trucks. There’s something childish and surprising about dessert trucks that makes them absolutely irresistible. Imagine how much fun your guests will have with your wedding ice cream truck!
  • Photo booths (and video booths too). We live in the era of selfies and Social Media – so your guests will be more than appreciative if you provided them with a fun photo booth (and some even more fun props to “play around” with).
  • If you plan to invite kids at your wedding, make sure their parents have fun by providing on-site babysitting and entertainment services. This way, guests will have fun at your wedding regardless of how young or old they may be.
  • Anniversary dances. Weddings are real-life fairy tale stories – and anniversary dances are the very proof that love always wins. Regardless of how “tough” some of your guests may act, they won’t be able to resist your grandma and grandpa dancing on their favorite song.

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Real Wedding at The Black Horse Inn

Here at Black Horse Inn, we truly love weddings. We love the amazing stories behind the couples who choose to celebrate this special day with us. We love the excitement, the joy and the sheer elegance every single wedding brings with it. We love the smiles and the amazing feeling only a wedding can make you experience.

Our biggest happiness is seeing brides and grooms who truly enjoy themselves while here with us – and the following video says more than a thousand words when it comes to this. Thank you Video Express for having shared this beautiful wedding movie with us! We are genuinely delighted to see the wonderful way you have portrayed this wedding – and, together with it, our beloved wedding venue as well.

Don’t forget your lucky charms on your wedding day

Your wedding day is going to be magical, unforgettable and truly one of a kind. This is the type of event you will never forget – and, as a good host, you most likely want to make sure your guests don’t forget it either.

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Most importantly though, this is a day to celebrate love and the beginning of a new life together – so you will want to bring in all the good luck there is. What are some lucky charms you might want to consider for the Big Day? We have gathered some ideas – so read on and find your lucky inspiration.

  • The sixpence in your shoe. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” – this saying actually has an ending that adds “and a sixpence in your shoe” as well. Sure, it may not be the most comfortable thing in the world, but if it’s bound to bring good luck, it will be more than worth it, right?
  • The ring warming ceremony. If you plan on having a more intimate ceremony, consider having your wedding rings passed on from guest to guest. They will hold the rings in their hands for a few moments and send you their warm wishes for the future.
  • Planning a rustic wedding? What other motif could be better than horseshoes? According to the Celtic tradition, the horseshoe is a symbol of good luck – so decorating your wedding with this motif may be a great idea.
  • Rainy day. Most brides want to avoid rain on their wedding days – but not many of them know that a rainy wedding day is considered to bring good luck (because it washes away the past and builds a good foundation for a clear future). We also think that rainy days make for the most amazing wedding pictures – so having a few drops of rain on your Big Day may not be that bad after all…

Black Horse Inn is a gorgeous historical wedding venue located in Virginia – so if you want to be embraced by beautiful nature and amazing vibes, contact us, come visit our venue and book us for your unforgettable wedding day!



Who’s Responsible for the Gifts We Receive On Our Wedding Day?

Weddings can be quite confusing – and not only because there are a lot of details to handle, but also because there are quite a lot of rules to follow as well. For example, do you know who’s responsible for the gifts you receive on your wedding day? We have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.

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  • If you are having your wedding reception in a hotel, you can simply ask the mother of the bride or groom to collect the gifts and send them to your suite. However, if you have received monetary gifts, remind the person in charge with this to accompany the bellman, so that the money is deposited in a place you will find very easily.
  • If your wedding takes place at a different venue, you will have to ask the mothers and/or the wedding planner to unload all of the gifts in one car, so that they can be transported to their house (and picked up the days after the wedding or when you come back from your honeymoon).
  • If the gifts are very heavy, ask the groomsmen to help your mothers load everything into the car(s), so that everyone is safe. However, remember to instruct everyone to make sure the cards are stuck to their respective gift, so that you know how to personalize your “Thank You” notes.

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Black Horse Inn Seasonal Specials and Packages

Here at Black Horse Inn, we love showing our hospitality. We love it when people have a great time at our special location and we love it when we help them create unforgettable memories – regardless of whether they are here for a short vacation or for their most important life events.

The Black Horse Inn

What are some of the most attractive Black Horse Inn Seasonal Specials and Packages? Read on and find out more.

  • The Romance Package. Spend one very romantic night at Black Horse Inn with our Romance Package! We will provide you with one of our best rooms, we will offer you champagne, cake and/or a bouquet of flowers to enchant your evening and we will wait for you with a Cookie Night Cap tray when you return from your dinner. In other words, we will provide you with the perfect ingredients for a really romantic memory!
  • The “Diamonds Are Forever” Dinner Proposal Package. Have you decided to pop the big question? If so, Black Horse Inn can help you plan a truly memorable proposal! Take your loved one for a night at the Black Horse Inn and we will provide you with a gorgeous room, a bottle of champagne, a bouquet of flowers, a $50 gift certificate for dinner at Iron Bridge Restaurant in Old Town, Warrenton, VA and an after dinner Cookie Night Cap tray.
  • The “Girls Night Out” Getaway Package. Want to pamper yourself and your girls? This package is what you are looking for. Spend one night at our inn, receive a $50 gift certificate for the Iron Bride Restaurant in Old Town, have a spa pedicure at one of your favorite local spas and, upon your return, we will welcome you with a Cookie Night Cap tray.

Curious to find out more about Black Horse Inn and our packages? Come visit our site, give us a call and book your spot for some of the most beautiful memories of your entire life!

Top 3 Things You Don’t Have to Do on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will be extremely special – and regardless of how large or small you want this event to be, it will surely be absolutely unforgettable too. You will walk down the aisle, you will have your first dance, you will cut the cake and, at the end of the night, you will make a grand exit.

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What are some of the things you really shouldn’t do on your wedding day, though?  We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • You shouldn’t skip your breakfast. Yes, we know you are probably extremely nervous and we know how much anxiety this entire day will bring with it. But skipping breakfast is simply not an option – and “fitting into the dress” is not an excuse either. Eat something early in the morning, to make sure your entire body is fueled for the emotional rollercoaster in front of you.
  • You shouldn’t test any new beauty products. From your foundation to your hairpins, everything should be tested before the wedding (months before the Big Day, actually). Don’t try anything new on your wedding day! The last thing you want is an allergic reaction, a hairstyle you will not have enough time to replace or a lipstick that will smudge as soon as you kiss your “I Do”.
  • You shouldn’t stress out. Sure, this is easier said than done, but you should really relax and take it easy today. This is a huge event in your life and you should remember it with a huge smile on your face. Soak into the beautiful moments, don’t let the small accidents get to you and enjoy your Big Day! Your love story deserves this!

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