Champagne: A Stunning Color for a Wedding Dress

No longer is it compulsory for brides to wear sparkling white dresses on their wedding day. This may be what most ladies decide on, but it is, in the end, their option. If you want to have a wedding that steps away from tradition, but would still like to keep it low-key and elegant, a champagne wedding dress will be absolutely perfect for you.

The great news? The options you have in this category are more than generous. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • An off-the-shoulder dress with champagne as the base and a detailed white overlay. This type of dress brings together tradition and modern times like nothing else can – not to mention it will make you feel utterly beautiful as you walk down the aisle!
  • A deep V-neck wedding dress with lace appliques. Looking for an ultra-feminine wedding gown design? There’s nothing like lace to speak about delicacy, beauty, and femininity – so embrace one of these gowns for your Big Day and you will feel so, so amazing in it!
  • A classic ballgown, with an overly detailed bodice and a long, generous veil skirt. You can get this dress in champagne entirely, but you can also get it with a champagne under-tone that will add just a soft feminine touch of modernity to an otherwise traditional wedding dress. Perfect for brides who don’t want to be too contemporary or too conventional in any way!


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You Should Definitely Consider a Backless Wedding Gown

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a huge task for a bride who wants to look perfect on her wedding day (and what bride doesn’t, after all?). Of course, you will first have to think of the types of dresses you are considering – and a backless wedding gown design should definitely be among your options.

Why – and what are some of the most beautiful dresses that fall into this category? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • A racerback backless wedding gown is perfect for the bride who wants to wow (and shock) her wedding guests. Almost too revealing but tasteful and classy at the same time, this design will make a huge fashion statement and it will definitely attract everyone’s eyes on you.
  • A keyhole backless wedding dress. Want to reveal just a bit of skin and maintain your dress’ sweet kind of femininity? A keyhole backless wedding dress “peeps” in, but doesn’t show off too much, making it perfect for brides who are at the confluence between modern and traditional wedding rules.
  • A lace backless wedding dress. Allowing your skin to show through the back of your wedding dress is a bold move in itself, especially if you’re not used with this type of evening dresses. A lace or embroidered dress will embrace your back’s nudity and make you feel really feminine and gracious as you walk down the aisle. Superb choice for just about any bride!


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Looking for the Perfect Wedding Shoes? Here Are Some Ideas

Wedding shoes are highly important for a bride. After all, you want to accessorize your Virginia wedding gown in a way that truly makes it pop – but even more than that, you want to wear a pair of shoes that will actually make you feel excellent.

What are the latest trends in bridal footwear? We have some tips for you – so read on if you need some inspiration.

  • Slingback shoes. Pointed or round-toed, with a high heel or with a kitten heel, this retro trend is growing stronger and stronger with every day that goes by. In the end, you have all the reason to choose this design for your Big Day: they are utterly elegant, they come in a variety of designs, and they provide you with the opportunity to pick a pair that’s actually comfortable.
  • Again, this is a retro trend that has come back in full force – and oh, my, how many varieties there are! You can opt for a square-shaped loafer if you want a classic, comfortable look, or for a more elegant design if you want to be both comfortable and stylish. They are just perfect if you want to really dance your way into the Big Day!
  • Ankle boots. High heels or not, ankle boots are a true staple of the Fall and Winter seasons – so they didn’t miss from this year’s runways either. They are a truly wonderful choice for a bride who wants to make sure she won’t get chilly on her wedding day, but still wants to keep it stylish and elegant!


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Be The Most Stunning Bride In One of These Fall Bridal Trends

Every woman dreams of being a dashing bride – the kind of lady who simply illuminates the wedding ceremony aisle and radiates beauty and self-confidence every step of the way. The great news? All brides are like that – and the key ingredient is far simpler than many believe: happiness.

However, you will still want to put the extra-effort and feel really beautiful on your wedding day – and your wedding gown is absolutely crucial when it comes to this. What are some of the loveliest wedding dress trends for the Fall of 2017? We have gathered them right here – read on for some inspiration.

  • It makes sense to wear a jacket during Fall, doesn’t it? Well, this year’s trends are more than generous in this chapter. Leather jackets, lace jackets, long jackets, short jackets – there’s something for everyone, regardless of how traditional, elegant, or casual you want to be.
  • Short and mid-length. Tired of floor-sweeping gowns? They do have their beauty, but if you want to stand out from the crowd and be a bit more comfortable, a mini or mid-length gown is really what you need. They are so pretty and feminine these days that you will never regret not having worn a very long gown!
  • Nude shades. Pink and nudes have always been elegant and feminine – but this season, they’re more than welcomed on bridal runways too. Lovely and sweet, unique and full of personality, these dresses are perfect for a bride who wants to make a real fashion statement as she walks down the aisle.


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Wedding Guests, Here’s When to Send the Gift

Are you a future wedding guest? We bet wedding etiquette can be confusing, especially with so many changes. For instance, do you know when to send the gift, so that the couple receives it in due time?

We have some tips to help you with this – continue reading if you want to learn more.

  • In general, there’s no actual rule as to when you can send the gift. There are two main options: very early or close to the wedding date. The first option is great for guests who want to make sure the wedding registry will not be “sold” by the time they start the purchase process. The second option is suitable for those of you who know the couple will move before the Big Day, and you want to make sure their gift reaches their new address.
  • If you want to buy a gift that’s not in the wedding registry, have it shipped to the couple’s preferred address before the wedding. DO NOT bring it to the actual event – it will be difficult for everyone involved to have it transported in safe conditions.
  • Thinking of offering a money gift? The classic “envelope” may sound like a great idea, but it’s not that good when you think of how easily an envelope can be misplaced. Send a check before the wedding – it’s the safest way to make sure the couple will actually receive your money gift.


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Fall Wedding? Coordinate Your Escort Cards With the Season!

Fall weddings are so, so amazing! Beautiful, romantic, and filled with the colors of this season, these weddings stand out from the crowd – precisely because they are so amazing and special.

If you love fall, and if you want to have a fall wedding, you surely want everything about its décor to be gorgeously coordinated with the season outside. How do you do this for the escort cards, though? Can you go beyond a fall-like design? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Fresh wheat. Yes, it can be as simple as that. Attach each guest’s name to a stem of fresh wheat and invite people to grab one to find their seats. Simple, beautiful, and really efficient!
  • They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away – but what about apples that grow into being escort card holders? This is a (literally!) sweet way to add that autumn vibe into your escort cards without going too much iver the top.
  • Gould pumpkins. Sure, these autumn creations may not seem as attractive as other types of pumpkins, but they are so unique! Plus, they add that rustic vibe that goes so well with fall weddings – and you can get really creative with their arrangements too! Simply attach your escort cards to these natural “holders” and you will instantly style up your wedding’s décor.
  • Fallen leaves. The ultimate sign of autumn, fallen leaves can too become amazing escort cards. Have them calligrapher with your guests’ names and their tables – we guarantee they will be impressed!


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These Groom’s Attire Ideas Are Fantastic for a Casual Wedding

Your groom deserves the very best – and although it may not always seem so, he definitely wants to look great on the wedding day. After all, this is just as huge a day for him as it is for you – so picking the right groom’s attire is of the utmost importance.

How to choose a casual attire for your groom? Here are some ideas he will definitely appreciate:

  • Just the white shirt. If you plan on having a very casual wedding, your groom doesn’t have to wear a jacket, or even a vest on top of his shirt. And what could be simpler, more stylish, than a well-designed white button-down? He’ll feel very comfortable wearing this – but more than that, he will definitely feel very handsome!
  • Add a pair of suspenders into the mix. A pair of well-fit trousers, a button-down shirt, a stylish tie and a pair of matching suspenders – that’s all your groom needs to look posh for a rustic-chic, outdoor, or simply casual wedding. Ideal for the less conventional couples out there!
  • Wool layers to keep him warm. Low temperatures are slowly making their way into the day-to-day affairs, so make sure your groom is warm and cozy in a wool jacket (and maybe a wool vest as well, if he wants to look a bit more formal). Jackets made from this fabric come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can rest assured you will find something that matches your color scheme!


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These Wedding Menu Tips Will Make It Easy!

Planning the perfect wedding menu is one of the most important things to consider before the Big Day. After all, food is one of the fundamental elements of a wedding – and you definitely want to treat your guests to the most delicious dishes in the entire area.

How to plan the perfect wedding menu for your Virginia wedding? We have some tips for you – read on and find out more.

  • Start with the budget. Sure, you may not like to discuss (or even think about) money – but the absolute truth is that you really need to focus on your budget. Think of your guest list, how many people will attend, and what kind of foods you want to serve. Then, choose a wedding menu that fall within your budget range.
  • Don’t forget about the cocktail hour. Many couples choose to have a cocktail hour because it offer them the chance “disappear” for an hour and shoot their special wedding pictures. If you want to have a cocktail hour as well, be sure to consider the food you will serve there. It IS part of the wedding menu too!
  • Last, but definitely not least, try to settle on locally-grown produce. Not only will they be fresher and less expensive, but focusing on these ingredients (rather than imported) will also help the local Virginian economy – thus, making you a more educated consumer as well. It may take a bit of extra effort to source the best local products – but do it as much as you can because it will be so worth it!

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These Centerpieces Are Non-Floral…And Stunning!

Flowers will always be a huge element in every type of wedding décor. Yet, what happens when you are tired of seeing the same old flower arrangements placed at the center of each wedding table?

Are there any non-floral wedding centerpiece alternatives?

Of course there are – and following, we have gathered some ideas to inspire you too!

  • A touch of playfulness with some wedding theme-colored pinwheels. This is perfect for an early spring wedding day – or for a couple who really wants to sprinkle the Big Day with their naturally playful, childish side.
  • A touch of personal taste. Are you a fan of a particular book? Or do you have something that has connected you with each other? Bring stacks of old, vintage-looking books and put them on top of one another. Feel free to add any kind of extra-décor you may need – such as a bow, a fun card, and so on.
  • A touch of green. Have you seen how popular succulents are, especially at weddings? Why not incorporate this idea for your wedding centerpieces When properly maintained, succulents can actually survive in a shockingly large variety of conditions. Thus, they are most definitely
  • A touch of Fall. With Fall fully installed upon us, many of you may be thinking of a wedding in this season. If you want to have a Fall-inspired wedding, you can definitely create some of the most gorgeous centerpieces and table runners using dried leaves, pinecones, fruit, greenery, and so on. This will look so special and beautiful!


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Want to Look Really Unique on Your Big Day? Consider Overlays

All brides want to shine as they walk down the aisle – and given the uniqueness and importance of this moment in their lives, it is perfectly understandable why they want to let their personality and love stories speak through their dresses and accessories.

Why would you choose an overlay for your Big Day? Well, they are extremely trendy right now and they look absolutely breathtaking in a variety of situations. Basically, you can wear one regardless of what type of bride you want to be. For example, here are some of the very best ideas in this bridal fashion niche:

  • Off the shoulder. You know how popular off the shoulder gowns have been in the past couple of years – so why not bring this trend into your look as well? An off the shoulder overlay buttoned in the back will look really cute and feminine – and it will instantly make a simple dress pop with beauty and elegance.
  • Precious shades. Want to add a dash of glamor and luxury to your wedding look? Choose a simple dress and wear it with a see-through overlay decorated with silvery or golden touches. We guarantee guests will absolutely love your look!
  • Color and style. Are you considering skipping the all-white look on the Big Day? Wear a white dress and a colored lace overlay. Black and red look absolutely breathtaking in this combination, but any other color will do, especially if you want to coordinate it with your wedding theme and color scheme!

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