Is it tacky to have more than one reception?

Without any trace of doubt, weddings are not the easiest thing to organize. In fact, it can be downright difficult to bring together many people, to satisfy all their tastes in matters of food and style and to make sure you don’t make any kind of compromise on your own dreams and tastes either.

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Organizing a wedding reception is almost a “must” when it comes to such a huge event, but there are many people who choose to organize two receptions instead of just one. Some may do this because they want to bring all the friends together at one reception and all the family members at another one. Others may choose to do this because they want a “larger” reception and then something smaller, according to their budget. Before you settle for this option though, take into consideration the following things:

  • It is way more complicated to organize two receptions than to organize just one (even if one of them is smaller and more intimate). Just think of the fact that you will have to go through all the things reception-related (drinks, location, and so on) twice, not just once!
  • Some people’s feelings can get seriously hurt. It is not OK to invite them to the ceremony and then close the door behind you and tell them that you’ll see them later at the “small reception”. No matter with how much grace you handle this, there will still be people who will feel at least slightly offended.
  • A reception does not have to be very expensive if you cannot afford it and if this is the main reason you want to throw two separate parties. In fact, a reception’s purpose is that you “receive” your guests and thank them for being there for you on such an important moment of your life. If your reception doesn’t fall during a meal hour, it is OK to serve just refreshments and maybe some snacks.


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Plan your wedding at the Black Horse Inn


The Black Horse Inn is the perfect venue for your wedding. Located just outside the city of Warrenton in southern Virginia, The Black Horse Inn is a historic building situated in sprawling grounds.

Frame your wedding pictures against the backdrop of the 1850s mansion in the heart of the estate, then wander through the beautiful gardens for a post-ceremony stroll.

The Inn boasts ten luxury rooms, where your wedding party can relax and prepare for the wedding, and wind down afterwards. We can offer catering services for any weddings which take place on our grounds, and we are able to cater to all tastes and dietary requirements.

Our wedding packages are designed to make your big day as stress free and enjoyable as possible. Reserve the Inn for the entire weekend to really make the most of this special occasion. All our packages include the use of our Grand Ballroom (which can fit 200 people), personal wedding planning services, the run of our estate and the exclusive use of our excellent staff.

Our packages start from $7,500 for use of our Ballroom alone. For an extra $3000, you can have access to nine of our luxury guest rooms, and for $13,500 total you can book our services for the whole weekend. Book your wedding off season to benefit from a $1,000 discount on this all-inclusive package.
The Black Horse Inn is a favorite with brides in the Virginia state area, so reserve your space quickly before they are all booked up!

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Evening or day wedding?

A wedding is an important event that takes a lot of time for both parties to plan because they have to sit down and decide when they want the wedding to take place and which venue they need to book. When it comes to choosing wedding time of day, a couple has to widely evaluate their options to make the right decision. A couple is free to have an evening or day wedding; it all depends on what they want. The time you choose to have your wedding will determine if you’ll have a day or evening wedding.

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There are several important factors that a couple should consider before choosing a wedding venue to decide whether they want an evening or day ceremony.

  • Considering the size of a wedding is an essential factor to consider before booking a wedding venue for your ceremony. You need to make sure that the venue is big enough to accommodate all your guests and wedding party. Having a list of the guests you are expecting can guide you to selecting a venue that fits your guest needs properly.


  • Keeping in mind the weather or season your wedding is taking place is also essential. If you are getting married outdoors, make sure the weather for that day is favorable. Better yet, you should have a backup plan in case the weather changes. This is a why it is a great idea to book a venue that offers both outdoor and indoor services.


Although deciding whether you want an evening or day wedding can be at times challenging, it’s important for anyone getting married to make the right choice. Putting the above factors discussed in mind is a great way to achieve a successful wedding day. Black Horse Inn, Warrenton, VA is a great wedding venue for people planning to get married because it offers both evening and day wedding services.

How to Choose Wedding Reception Entrance Music

The weddings over and everyone is filing into the reception room here at the Black Horse Inn.  As your guests sit down ready to greet the bride and groom, they surely thinking of letting their hair down and dancing a little.  So why not get the party started when you first enter the room with some fun music?

photo credit: flickr/Sanabria

photo credit: flickr/Sanabria

You really can have a lot of fun choosing that entrance song.  It doesn’t have to be immediately romantic. It sounds a little funny, but you can focus on making sure your guests have their mood (and their tiredness) lifted with a fun and happy entrance song that really signals that you are ready to have a good time.

  • It’s always good to consider the song. Look for happy, upbeat numbers that you’ve found yourself humming along to on more than a few occasions.  Anything that is catchy and immediately recognizable is always a good bet.
  • A good rocky power ballad should do the trick too. Make sure it has some personal connection to the two of you.


Whichever song you choose, ensure you do it together. This is your big entrance, and the music has to reflect the journey both of you have been on.  If you need help choosing the music for your entrance, give us a call.  We’ve been hosting weddings for years here in Warrenton as a top notch wedding venue.  We know what gets the party started and can help make your wedding day everything you hoped for.

The Ideal Summer Wedding in the Outdoors

People believe that the only good weddings are the ones in fall. But what they don’t know is that an outdoor summer wedding can be as good, even better in some cases! Here are some things that make outdoor weddings wonderful and something that will be talked about for long.


Pictures Location

Talk with your fiancé about what your vision for a perfect outdoor wedding location is. You’ll be amazed by what he/she has in mind and how you can work together to make it a reality. Show the colors of the summer with bright hues and fun fabrics. If you are not sure about the location, you can look online for wedding rentals, or hire a wedding planner that can work with you to find the location of your dreams.

Ambient Theme

Drapes and shades are a must have for any outdoor wedding, especially during the summer. If you having a beach wedding, consider covering the altar with white cloths and provide sunglasses for all your guests so they can enjoy the wedding reception in style. But most importantly, the theme of your outdoor summer wedding should represent the summer vibe while keeping your guests cool and refreshed.

Cooling System

It’s a no brainer that your guests will be drained during the wedding week, especially if you are having a destination wedding to a hotter part of the world. For this reason, you must consider putting a cooling system in place for the altar. You can always get stand fans and install them on either side to make promote air circulation. Also, provide your guests with cold bottles of water every now and then. They’ll thank you for it later!

Refreshing Drinks

Summer is the season where fancy cocktails and refreshing drinks are trendy. Remember to talk with the barista to make refreshing cocktails that will keep everyone at the wedding hydrated and chilled. Martinis, fruit punch, iced tea, and iced cocktails are some of the many drinks that you can plan for your wedding!



Ceremony Seating Etiquette

4992033293_000a6af116_zWhether you are getting married in a church, or some other venue, the traditional method for the bride to get to the alter is by way of an isle down the middle of the venue. This means there will be seating on other side of the isle. This brings the question of where your guests should sit.

Seating the Guests

Traditionally, the ushers escort your guests to the correct seating. One usher for every 50 guests is the rule of thumb. However, if you’re having a small or intimate ceremony, you may choose to not use ushers. So that your ushers seat the guests in the correct areas, it is vital that you make a list and give them printouts. Another tradition that most people still like to see observed is for female guests to be escorted to their seats. The usher offers his right arm to the female, or the oldest female, and her male companion steps back and follows them to the seats.

Taking Sides

Traditionally, in Christian ceremonies, the guests of the bride are seated on the left side of the venue as seen from the back of the venue, and the groom’s guests are seated on the right side. This is reversed for Jewish services. As a result, ushers typically ask, “Bride or groom?” However, in many cases the person may be a guest of the couple, not one or the other, or the numbers are unbalanced per ”side”. As a result, in modern weddings people have often chosen to do away with the ”sides”, but instead have ushers simple seat the guests in the order of arrival, moving from left to right across the venue.

However make your guests feel welcome, you’ll want to do it at a magnificent venue. Give us a call today!

How to Welcome Your Wedding Party

Some of your wedding guests will arrive just as your ceremony starts, but your wedding party will arrive ahead of time. Giving them a special welcome can make them feel appreciated and get them in the right frame of mind.


One of the most important ways to welcome your wedding party and family members to your wedding celebration is with the rehearsal dinner. This is generally held the night before your wedding and can be a more relaxed gathering for those closest to you.

Another great way to welcome your wedding party, and any guests who are staying at your venue, is with a welcome tea. Here at the Black Horse Inn, our couples often choose to have their guests welcomed with one of our delicious afternoon teas. This is a fabulous way to get everyone in the Hunt Country mood.

However you welcome guests to your wedding, you’ll want to bring them to a fabulous venue. To find out more about all we can offer for your big day, give us a call today!


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How Many Dresses Should a Bride Wear?

When it comes to your wedding day, how many wardrobe changes will you have? If you’re like a growing number of brides, you’re planning on changing into a different dress for the reception.

Reception dresses are a big trend, with many choosing a second dress because they can have the best of everything. It allows you to wear a family dress for the ceremony and something new for the reception. It can also allow for a more formal style for the ceremony and something more relaxed as you party the night away.


If you’re choosing to change into another dress, it’s important to think about when and where you will change. When you choose your Northern Virginia wedding venue, it can be good to check whether they have a room available for you to change in. Here at the Black Horse Inn, you will have one of our luxury rooms available for your use throughout the day.

To find out more about what we can offer for your wedding, and to see our beautiful venue in person, give us a call today!


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How to Keep Comfortable at Your Summer Wedding

Summer is one of the most popular times of year for a wedding, but it can also present a whole host of challenges. From keeping guests cool to keeping yourself comfortable, you’ll need to invest some extra time and thought in beating the heat.


The first thing is to figure out whether to have an indoor or outdoor wedding. While the outdoors might call to you in the summer, it’s important to consider the comfort of your guests. One way to have the best of both worlds is to have an outdoor ceremony followed by an indoor reception. Using an outdoor deck area can offer your guests the chance to be indoors or outdoors as they choose.

As the bride and groom, keep the season in mind when you choose your attire. A long, full dress might seem perfect when you first spot it in winter, but think about how you’ll feel wearing it for hours on a hot day. The same applies to the choice of a heavy wool tuxedo! Instead, consider lighter styles that can be added to should it get chilly.

Keeping water and other refreshments around your venue can also help you and your guests in the heat. When you choose a Northern Virginia wedding venue, discuss how and where you can place water stations for both the ceremony and reception.

Here at the Black Horse Inn, we have plenty of experience keeping summer brides and their guests cool and comfortable. To find out more about what we can offer for your big day, give us a call!


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How to Include Kids In Your Wedding

Many of the weddings here at the Black Horse Inn are big family affairs, and this means that kids are included. Whether or not to include children can be a big decision for couples planning their weddings. They worry that kids might be a disruption, or that they might alienate guests who are told not to bring their children.


One way to get the best of both worlds is to include a babysitter in your wedding planning. Children, including an adorable flower girl and ring bearer, can be a part of the ceremony and start of the reception. After a certain time, they can be moved to one of our other spacious rooms, where a babysitter can look after them and keep them entertained.

Meanwhile, their parents can relax and enjoy the rest of your reception. You can be happy knowing that you have had the day you wanted with the guests you wanted, and they can be happy they didn’t have to find extra child care to share your happy day with you.

For more solutions to this and other common wedding planning problems, give us a call and find out why we’re the Northern Virginia wedding venue that’s right for you!


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