Superb Spring Wedding Themes

Spring is a time of regeneration, with flowers blooming and nature bursting forth after the long winter. It’s no wonder it’s the most popular time of the year for weddings. Spring and weddings go together like few other things. If you’re considering a spring wedding, there are a few themes that work perfectly with the season.



Let nature take center stage with a nature-themed wedding. Use the outdoor areas of a Virginia wedding venue like the Black Horse Inn to tie your wedding in to the beauty of nature. You can also bring the outdoors in with selections of wildflowers, butterfly and bird motifs, and other nature-inspired decorative touches.


Along with being the season’s major holiday, Easter can also be a great spring wedding theme. Offer your guests the fun of an Easter egg hunt, decorate with the pastel tones of dyed eggs, and be sure to include plenty of chocolate treats!

Cherry Blossoms

Washington DC is known for the springtime displays of cherry blossoms and they can be the basis of a beautiful theme for your Northern Virginia wedding. The pale pink palette is perfect for spring weddings, and the floral touches are ideal decorations. You can also extend the theme to include other Japanese-inspired touches, such as a sushi cocktail hour.

Whatever your theme, you’ll need a venue that can really shine in any season. For the perfect Northern Virginia wedding venue, check out the Black Horse Inn. Give us a call today to find out more!
Photo: Flickr/Azlan DuPree

Wedding Flowers, Bouquets & Centerpieces

Your wedding’s flowers are a way to bring uniformity to the different parts of your wedding day. By including the same types of flowers in various arrangements, you will tie everything together in a subtle and beautiful way.


Choose a Starting Point

Whether it’s a particular favorite flower, a type of bouquet, or a style of centerpiece, having a starting point for your wedding florals will help you and your florist put together an overall plan for your wedding flowers. This will also help narrow down things down and determine the style you want for all of your flowers.

Choose a Highlight Flower

Rather than carrying the exact same set of blooms across to all your arrangements, consider having one flower you highlight across everything. This can also be a way of saving money, as you can keep more expensive flowers limited to just your bridal bouquet.

Choose a Color

Another way to tie all your flowers together is to choose a particular color of flower. Instead of having all the same flowers, use the same color for your arrangements, but allow for different flowers for bouquet, ceremony, and reception.

Choose to Suit Your Venue

Your floral arrangements can also be designed to suit your venue. Finding the perfect venue can be seen as the first step to having the perfect flowers, as you can base your bouquet on flowers that are found around the grounds. If you’re looking for a beautiful Northern Virginia wedding venue, come see what the Black Horse Inn can offer!


Photo: Flickr / Rachel Wilder

Should You Use a Wedding Arbor in Your Wedding?

When it comes to planning your wedding decorations, you have to be careful in deciding whether or not you will be using some items. This is so you can determine how good your wedding decorations will look together. If you decide to just use everything that’s available, you may end up with clashing decorations. As such, always make the right decision and carefully consider your options.

One decoration option you should largely consider including in your wedding venue is the use of arbors. Typically, arbors come in either rectangular or arched structures that are designed with different materials. Additionally, they can be made from wood, metal, or vinyl. Depending on your wedding venue, you can use the right material to ensure that your arbor does not fall down.

If you will be having an outdoor garden wedding, see to it that you go with an arbor made from a heavy material such as wood or metal. Meanwhile, if you will be having an indoor wedding, you can go with vinyl so that it can be easily installed or transported. This way, you do not have to worry about the arbor causing an accident in your wedding.

When it comes to designing your arbor, you can go for an earthy look by including flowers and some vines in it. If you would like a fairy tale theme for your arbors, you can make use of tulle, beads, and linens. Using the right material to decorate your arbors, you can achieve the look you want in no time.

The good thing about using a wedding arbor is that it adds beauty to your wedding venue. Whether you’re planning to celebrate it indoors or outdoors, you can always include it in your decorations. Call us today so we can give you a tour of our facility.


Inexpensive Flowers for Your Wedding Reception

Wedding flowers take a huge chunk out of the wedding budget but you can change that. The challenge lies in finding ways to save on wedding flowers not just for the ceremony but also the reception. Although you have to work with limited financial resources, it is a chance to get creative and even have a charming wedding setting. Here are cheap flowers you can consider so that can save you extra.



Although carnations may not be enough to line the aisle or stand as a centerpiece, it can still be the main flowers of the bouquet. White carnations look sophisticated but are less costly. If you have a vintage wedding theme, choosing carnations along with other inexpensive flowers is the perfect choice.

Hyacinth Bulbs

Hyacinth bulbs placed in a clear glass centerpiece can save you tons. Bulbs are less pricey than cut flowers but can still serve as the main highlight of a table for guests. You can choose other decorative plants as well such as fruit, bouquet fillers, or both.

Plumes, Catmint, and Caspia

Use flowers with long stems and then place them in tall clear glasses for centerpieces. You can also experiment by using other glass sizes. The glass jars and the flowers are cheap overall if you buy in bulk and if you know some handy skills in negotiating with wedding vendors.

In-season flowers 

The budget will remain intact if you choose in-season flowers. Better yet, choose perennial flowers that are not difficult to obtain. Think peonies, lilies, and even sunflowers that are perfect for a rustic themed wedding. If you also follow this tip in planning the reception menu, you can save more.

If you’re on a budget for your wedding decorations, you can make the most out of it with the flowers mentioned. You can give us a call today so we can tour you around our venue. This way, you can be inspired by the location where you can hold your wedding!

Tips to Creating a Candy Buffet for Your Wedding

Nowadays, there is a huge trend for different types of buffet tables being set up at a wedding—from dessert to fruits; there seems to be a buffet suited for just any guest. If you are thinking of including a candy buffet in your wedding menu, it is best that you know how to plan one. Here are some things you need to remember when it comes to including a candy buffet at your wedding:



Before you start buying materials for the candy buffet, make sure that you have already set a strict budget and abide by it. Since it is so easy to overspend on candy, you might go over your budget and not get to realize it early on. As such, make sure that you always look at your budget and figure out if it is something you can still work with. Remember, candy can be very expensive—especially if you buy the really good ones.


When you set up your candy buffet, you need to make sure that it looks appealing to your guests no matter what age they are in. The best way you can achieve this is go with a color scheme similar to your wedding theme, if possible. You can even follow the theme and purchase candy that comes in those colors only so you stay in tune with the theme.


And lastly, for the fun part, choose your candy carefully. When you’re putting a candy buffet together, it really pays to have a diverse number of options, colors, and tastes so you can draw in each guest to get some candy from the buffet. Make sure to include at least one of each category so that there will be plenty of variety in your buffet:

  • Chocolate
  • Hard Candy
  • Gummy Candy
  • Bubblegum
  • Mints

You may also include cake pops as an alternative to cupcakes and cake slices. By having a candy buffet, you can already substitute serving dessert at your wedding reception.

Give us a call today so we can tour you around our venue. You can be inspired on how you would like to decorate your candy buffet after you have seen our reception area.

Wedding Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

Wedding mishaps may occur at any time. Even a well-prepared and carefully organized wedding may have some mishaps at any given time. Fortunately, there are some ways you can avoid having mishaps at your wedding. If you are worried about these issues, here are some of the common mishaps and how you can avoid them:


Cake Collapse

It is common for a multi-tiered wedding cake to fall on the ground, especially if it has been situated in the middle of a room full of two hundred dancing guests. When this happens, the ground may start to shake and it will affect the cake. The top tier of the cake may start leaning without you noticing it. The further it leans, the easier it may topple down. In order to avoid this predicament, make sure that your wedding cake has been situated in a secure spot that’s away from the dance floor. You can also choose to bring out the cake when it’s time to cut it.

Shocking Music

While you’re all dancing, it may come to a surprise that your chosen wedding DJ or band will play popular songs that have overt lyrics. No matter how popular the song is, make sure that you inform your entertainment not to play the song. Another option is to prepare a list of songs that your chosen entertainment should play. If the song is not part of the list, they should avoid it.

There are plenty of other wedding mishaps that may occur at any given time. By being prepared for them, however, you will be able to prevent them from happening.

For the perfect wedding venue, make sure to give us a call! We’d love to give you a tour of our venue so you can have your wedding with us.

Picking the Right Flowers for a Summer Wedding

With summer fast approaching, it is important that you have an idea on how to prepare for a summer themed wedding. Especially when it comes to your flowers, you need to know how to pick out the best flowers for a summer wedding. Not only do you want them to stand out, you also want to ensure that these flowers stay fresh throughout the day. Here are some tips on picking flowers for a summer wedding:


Choosing a Variety

When you’re looking for flowers for your wedding, go for the ones that have a tendency to stay fresh throughout the day. Opt for flowers with a waxy texture on them so that you can ensure they keep their bloom throughout the day. Flowers like orchids, birds of paradise, ginger halcyons, tiger lilies, roses, and Hawaiian blooms are great options. You can also speak with your florist to check which variety will be perfect for your venue.

Choosing the Color

Unless you have already picked out a theme for your summer wedding, make it a point to use flowers with bright and bold colors. Go for the ones that are in full bloom and you will be pleased you chose these types of flowers as they will look their best during a summer day. Especially if you have decided to go with an outdoor wedding, flowers that have deep shades like deep purple lilies or dark red roses will yield a beautiful effect in your venue.

Even though you go for flowers that maintain their bloom throughout the day, you have to ensure that you keep them out of the sun for too long. You can have a refrigerator on-site so you can store your flowers before the ceremony starts. This way, you can preserve the flowers much longer.

For the perfect outdoor summer wedding, make sure to give us a call! We’d love to give you a tour of our venue. You’ll love it and it’ll be the perfect venue for your special day!

Two Weeks Before Your Wedding: What You Need to Do

Despite how hectic planning a wedding can be, time can fly by so fast when it’s just a few weeks before the big day. You’ll be surprised to know that while you’re still busy making last minute plans, you’re already on the last two weeks before your wedding. With such little time to spare, how do you manage fulfilling your wedding plans and not turn yourself into a bridezilla?


Here are some tips on how you can make the most out of the last two weeks before you say goodbye to your single status:

Get Updated on the Weather

Regardless of where you plan to have your wedding, it is important to get updates on how good the weather will be on your big day. By keeping a close eye on the weather, you won’t be surprised with an unexpected rain shower on your wedding. At the same time, you can inform your guests of any preparations they need to make in the event of bad weather.

Get Help from Your Friends and Family

With such limited time left, it is best that you spent this time relaxing instead of rushing around to make necessary plans. Don’t be afraid to delegate small responsibilities and tasks to your close family and members of your bridal entourage. They will be more than eager to help you so that you don’t end up turning into a frantic bride!

Fit Your Dress One Last Time

A few days before your wedding, make sure you try on your wedding dress. This is so you can check if there are any minor alterations or loose threads that need to be repaired.

Remember that you shouldn’t expect your wedding day to go perfectly. You have to be loose and not have too much expectations. Just enjoy the moment and cherish it. Your wedding will only happen once. Make each moment count. Give us a call today to get a tour of our wedding venue. You’ll love it and it’ll be the perfect venue for your special day!

Planning the Perfect Spring Wedding


When you think of spring, you think of flowers blooming, the sun shining, and the sound of wedding bells. Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings and starting your life with your husband (or bride) to be! Here are some tips for throwing the perfect spring wedding:

1. Spring showers

You’ve heard the phrase, “April showers bring may flowers.” The superstition says that rain on your wedding day brings good luck. You can still throw a beautiful spring wedding despite the chance of rain. If you dream of having your wedding outside you can find a wedding vendor that can provide a tent for your big day, just incase things get a bit rainy. If you opt for an indoor wedding, you can find a place where the décor has a whimsical feel that can be decorated in an enchanted way. The more flowers the better if you are throwing your spring wedding indoors.

2. Pick your colors

Many brides choose to go with pastels for their wedding. The soft colors are perfect for a spring wedding theme. You can also give a twist to the traditional pastel palette and add contrasting colors. Lime greens, corals, and dark browns pair great with muted tones. You can also choose brighter, bolder, and more vibrant colors.


3. The Décor

When decorating for a spring wedding, the flowers are the focus. You can accent your tables with fresh and colorful floral arrangements. A tiered cake topped with real or faux flowers adds the perfect spring touch to your reception. When choosing the venue, a place that has natural beauty, like a beach or garden, is the perfect setting.

4. Dress the part

Spring is the perfect time to where light chiffons and lace gowns that are reminiscent of a Midsomer’s Night Dream. Many brides are choosing to go a more non-traditional route with their dress. This is the perfect time to choose a dress with a hint of color. Baby pinks and light minty greens are perfect for this season.

Contact us to find out how you can throw your perfect spring wedding at Black Horse Inn!

Real Weddings: Ditko and Itin

ditko and itin
On January 25th, 2014, Black Horse Inn had the pleasure of hosting the marriage of Karen and Nick Itin. Black Horse Inn’s amazing photo-ready locations provided picturesque shots to capture their wedding day. We had the honor of hosting the guests for the couple’s wedding in our inn. Another special guests that we had was Karen’s horse, Roo, who joined in on the festivities and photo op’s!
Please look at some of the beautiful pictures taken by Kathleen Hertel Photography.
We arranged for the whole property to be dedicated to the couple for the entire weekend so they could enjoy every moment surrounding their special day. Our staff made sure that everything ran flawlessly and stress free. The bride looked stunning standing next to her new husband in her gown and he in his Airforce dress mess uniform.
Call us today for information on how to have your wedding reception at Black Horse Inn. We’ll be happy to give you a tour too!
Please view the Ditko and Itin Wedding